New or significantly changed entries in the CoCreate Modeling FAQ list since the last update:

Operating system:

  • Which filesystems are recommended or supported with CoCreate Modeling?
  • Will CoCreate Modeling run on Windows XP x64 Edition?
  • CoCreate Modeling becomes unstable under Windows XP/SP2 after switching from Modeling to Annotation and back for 40 or 50 times.

Memory management:

  • How can I load models which exceed 2 GB in data size?
  • How much memory do I need in my system? How large should my paging file be?

File handling:

  • How can I save data in CoCreate Modeling version X and load it in older versions?


  • Network installation for CoCreate Modeling
  • Unattended (quiet) installation for CoCreate Modeling and CoCreate Drafting


  • CoCreate has certified graphics card X under Windows XP, but not under Windows 2000 - will it work under W2K anyway?
  • Graphical feedback (such as when using the 3D copilot) is very slow on my ATI Radeon card.
  • When zooming with the mouse, the zoom direction in CoCreate Drafting (ME10) differs from CoCreate Modeling and Annotation!
  • After some operation, I get a "vport frozen" message, and the model disappears from the viewport.

Application knowhow:

  • How do I change the language in CoCreate Modeling?
  • How can I keep CoCreate Modeling from creating the default part and workplane?


  • When I load my Lisp code, I get an "Unexpected end of input stream" error.

Customization and programming:

  • What is the Integration Kit?
  • When running my macro X, I get an error message reporting that "XXX cannot be coerced to YYY".
  • How can I run ME10/CoCreate Drafting macros in Annotator?
  • How do I talk to CoCreate Modeling via DDE?
  • How do I talk to other applications from CoCreate Modeling via DDE?


-- ClausBrod - 10 Jan 2006
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