This site answers frequently asked questions on CoCreate Modeling, a 3D CAD application which was previously known as OneSpace Modeling, OneSpace Designer Modeling (OSDM), and before that as SolidDesigner. The focus of this web site is on customization and programming. Thanks to TWiki, everyone can contribute by editing pages on the site. If you are not familiar with the TWiki collaboration platform, please visit WelcomeGuest first.

Hier werden häufig gestellte Fragen zu CoCreate Modeling beantwortet. (OneSpace Modeling hieß vormals OneSpace Modeling, OneSpace Designer Modeling und davor SolidDesigner.) Der besondere Schwerpunkt dieser Website liegt auf eigenen Anpassungen und der Programmierung von CoCreate Modeling. Dank TWiki kann jeder beitragen, indem er Einträge hinzufügt oder erweitert. Wer TWiki noch nicht kennt, dem sei WelcomeGuest als Einführung empfohlen.

The latest news (more...):

  • 2013/03/18: My team's last day at PTC.
  • 2008/05/01: CoCreate is now a legally (not just financially) fully integrated part of PTC.
  • 2007/11/30: PTC acquires CoCreate. CoCreate OneSpace Modeling is renamed to PTC CoCreate Modeling (or CoCreate Modeling, for short).
  • 2007/10/31: PTC announces its intent to acquire CoCreate.
  • 2007/02/12: OneSpace Modeling 2007 out now! A summary of new features is here.
  • 2007/01/21: The "Osdm" TWiki subweb has been renamed to OneSpaceModeling. Links to the old "Osdm" subweb will be redirected. If you find any problems with the redirection, please report them!
  • 2007/01/08: Check out for a free download of OneSpace Modeling PE!
  • 2006/12/21: New product names: OneSpace Designer Modeling is now OneSpace Modeling.
  • 2006/11/02: OSDM2006/v14.50 is out now. Check out the list of fixes here.
  • 2006/02/06: OSDM 2006 has been released today. Demos and What's New infos are online, and the code can be downloaded from the eSupport marketplace.
  • 2006/01/30: Spammers are attacking the site, leaving behind hidden links to fraudulent web sites on TWiki topics. Had to clean up and change the TWikiGuest account. Please let me know if you find any other unusual stuff on the site.
  • 2006/01/10: Roughly 25 updated or new entries. Details...
  • 2005/05/01: Yours truly was interviewed for the latest edition of News!
  • 2005/02/14: This site is Site Of The Week at!
  • 2005/02/14: 5 new entries, plus quite a few new translations (thanks to MichaelMueller). Details...
  • 2005/01/15: Roughly 15 new entries in the past month, plus lots of new German translations. Not bad at all! Details...

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