CoCreate Modeling FAQ: Installation

Network installation for CoCreate Modeling

Starting with CoCreate Modeling 2005, standard Windows installer technology is used to install the application. The installation package is therefore an *.msi file which can be manipulated with standard Microsoft tools, such as msiexec.

For CoCreate Modeling 2005 and later, the recommended method for network installation is to use the group policy software installation features of the Windows Installer. See the discussion at for details.

Netzwerkinstallation für CoCreate Modeling

Ab Version 2005 benutzt CoCreate Modeling den "Windows Installer", um sich zu installieren. Das Installationspaket ist daher eine Datei vom Typ .msi und kann mit Standardwerkzeugen von Microsoft manipuliert werden, beispielsweise msiexec.

Ab CoCreate Modeling 2005 ist die empfohlene Methode für die Netzwerkinstallation, den Mechanismus der Softwareinstallation per Gruppenrichtlinie (group policy software installation) des Windows Installer zu benutzen. Siehe dazu die (englische) Diskussion unter

-- ClausBrod - 20 Apr 2005

Unattended (quiet) installation for CoCreate Modeling and CoCreate Drafting

Windows Installer also supports unattended (quiet) installation which can be very useful for CAD admins. The msiexec option /q controls the display of interactive dialogs during installation. In many cases, the /qb- option is what admins are looking for. See the discussion at for details on how to install CoCreate Modeling in "silent mode". For CoCreate Drafting, you will find information in the discussion thread at

  setup.exe /s /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=D:\Programs\CoCreate\OSDM2005\ MELS=yourhost"

-- ClausBrod - 23 Apr 2005

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