CoCreate Modeling: Swap part color

A customer recenty asked for a tool to change the color of any part which matches a given color, i.e. change the color of all red parts to blue.

It is almost trivial to re-use the approach described here for this purpose: Instead of specifying a pattern and searching for parts which match it, we search for parts with a given color; and instead of deleting matching parts, we change their color - that's all.

;; Description:  Changes colors for parts with a specified color
;; Author:       Claus Brod
;; Created:      3/20/2006 20:20    
;; Language:     Lisp
;; (C) Copyright 2006 Claus Brod, all rights reserved
(use-package :oli)

(sd-defdialog 'CHANGE_COLOR
  :dialog-title "Change part color" :toolbox-button t

    (parts :value-type :part :multiple-items t)
    (oldcolor :value-type :rgb-color :title "Old color")
    (newcolor :value-type :rgb-color :title "New color")
    (change-color (item)
        (when (= (sd-rgb-to-color (sd-inq-part-color item)) oldcolor)
          (sd-call-cmds (part_prop item :color newcolor :done))))
  :ok-action '(mapc #'change-color parts)

There is one problem with this: If the user selects all parts in a very large assembly, the variable parts will hold a long list, even though maybe only a few parts would have to change their color.

A more efficient solution is to use get_selection with a :check-function which allows to filter parts with the matching color.

-- ClausBrod - 20 Mar 2006

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