Certain SCSI disk drives are configured to send a kind of reset message ("unit attention") to the initiator (i.e. the computer) after power-on. In such a case, TOS will not be able to boot from the drive. Simple, but annoying workaround: Switch on the system, wait until TOS has contacted the hard disk, then reset the computer and have it try again. Much better workaround: Run SlickBoot just once, and boot from the hard disk directly.

The trick is to tell the SCSI drive to disable the reset message after power-on. SlickBoot does this for the following drive types:

  • Quantum P40S, P80S, P105S
  • Seagate ST157N, ST296N, ST1096N

SlickBoot is not required for TOS 2.06 and 3.06, since those TOS versions can boot from disks even if they send "Unit Attention" messages.

Download SlickBoot from here.

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